Sunday, October 7, 2012

Class of 2002

Ten years ago I was 19.  I had just recently graduated from high school, gotten engaged, and started college.  I was living at home with the parents still.  I was so excited to finally be out of school and start my life. 

Brent and I had been dating for three years already at this point and a wedding was in the works.  I was going to school to become a teacher and Brent was going into accounting. 

We were so young, but ready to be grown ups.

Ten years later we've been married for 9 years.  We have 3 kids.  I am a fifth grade math teacher.  Brent is NOT in accounting, but he's happy with his job.  I'd say we have had a pretty busy 10 years.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I wouldn't change a thing, because I most definitely would.  We have made some major mistakes, as all young people do, and if I could redo some things I would.
(mostly financial things)

That being said, I really couldn't be more happy with my husband, even after 9 years married and 12 years together.  Sheesh that's a long time!!

I think my greatest accomplishment in these past ten years are the three little people that Brent and I brought into this world.  My kids are my life, and I can't even remember what it was like ten years ago without them. 

So many things have changed in ten years, but I would say mostly for the better. 

I'm hoping the next ten years doesn't go by quite as fast and that we make fewer mistakes. 

Class of 2002 float in the homecoming parade.  I'm on there sitting between the two orange balloons. 

Kelsie and Grant did me a huge favor and took my kids to the parade so that I could ride on our class float. 

Aunt and Uncle of the year awards!! 

Brent was bummed because he had to work and couldn't make it. 

I didn't take these pictures so I'm not quite sure what's going on here.

Jack Jack sippin on his juice.

It was HOT!

Halloween buckets for parade candy and necklaces!

Grant, Austin, and Chelsea
Chelsea is Grant's sister and my kids occasional babysitter.

I think Kelsie forgot I was a blogger when she took this lovely picture of herself!  She might think twice next time! LOL

My boys!

here it comes

Friday night after the parade we went to the high school football game, but it didn't last long.  It started pouring down rain on us before the end of the first quarter.

Brent and Jack

Austin with his new favorite person, Chelsea.

It is so rare that me and Brent take a picture together, so even though I don't really like the angle of the shot I had to keep it.

Saturday afternoon the class of 2002 met at the park for a family day.  It rained the entire time, but the kids had fun playing in the puddles.  I didn't take pictures.

Saturday night we had our adults only social/party.  I wish more of our classmates had shown up, but it was fun.  It was so funny to see how much people had changed in ten years.  Some for the better and some for the worse.  A few lucky people looked exactly the same. 

I think it's so bizarre how I saw most of these people practically everyday from third grade to Graduation and then suddenly it's been ten years since I've seen many of them.

We are the only high school sweethearts!!

Brent LOVES to do his thing on the dance floor!! 
He really does have pretty good rhythm.

Well here's to another 10 years!!

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  1. Hi I am also going on 10 years with my husband and 2 kids in tow. They really make our lives complete and can always put a smile on our faces.
    I enjoyed your post and look forward to your next one.
    I would love a follow back.


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