Monday, October 1, 2012

3 great days

Last week my parents went to Philedelphia and so my babysitter was MIA. 

Usually my back up is Kelsie, but she has school and just started a new job so she could only help out on Friday.

So that meant I had to dip into my personal days.  I paid a babysitter on Monday to watch all three kids because we had an inservice at school.  Then I took off three days to stay home with my baby boy.


Spending so much one on one time with him was such a blessing.  He was so good for me all 3 days.  We played, went on bike rides, went to walmart,  he even let me clean the house and do laundry. 

 Sometimes I wonder if working is really worth missing out on so much precious time with my baby.  Actually, I wonder that all the time. 

I'm not saying the three days were nothing but rainbows and sunshine, because it wasn't.  I pretty much worked more at home than I would have at work, but I guess those moments with Jack Jack make it all worth it. 

How could I not wish I got to stay home every day with this sweet little guy??

OOOooh I love him!!!

Covered in Grace


  1. Glad you enjoyed you're sweet little one. He is toooooooo cute!! :-). Xoxo

  2. eep i know what you mean. i just quit my job last week to work from home. i could have handled it, even though the hours were ridiculously long. It was because I have also started an evening course, so if I'm out during the evening and can't put my daughter to bed there's no way I am going to be out during the day as well !
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

  3. The smiles are the best! I'm now following--have a great weekend!


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