Monday, July 2, 2012

Crying it out update

We started letting Jackson cry it out a few weeks ago.  You can read about night 1 here, and nights 2 and 3 here.

Well to be honest, I'm not sure we did this right.  For the first week or so we would feed him and then lay him down sleepy and he would cry for about 15-20 minutes and then fall asleep.  It was working really well.  The part that wasn't improving was his night time waking.  He would still wake up around 1am or 2am and fuss for over an hour until we gave him a bottle. 

I know, I know he should be able to make it all night without a bottle, but he's only 10.5 months old and I feel like if he wakes up he just might be hungry so I'm gonna give him a bottle.  We don't get him out of his bed, we just let him drink it himself in his bed and he falls right back to sleep and will sleep until morning. 

Last night was different.  He slept until 5am, I gave him his bottle and then he slept until 7:30.  I know I've probably created a new bad habit of letting him fall asleep drinking his bottle, but I don't really care right now. 

The way I see it, he never would take a pacifier so he needs something to soothe himself.  I'll probably regret it in a few months when we try and get rid of the bottle, but for now this is working for us.  We are all getting a good nights rest and we're all happy. 

This may sound bad, but I am soooo relieved to not be rocking him to sleep anymore.  Rocking him was like a wrestling match. I would seriously break a sweat, while trying to keep him in a cradled position to rock him to sleep.  I'm so thankful to be past that stage of his life.

So anyway that's how it's going for now.  Of course, I'll keep ya'll updated on any changes. 

And just for your viewing pleasure, I'll send you off with a little bit of cuteness!!!

Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. ugh, it's so hard! I'm sorry! he sure is a cutie in that shorts outfit.


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